How to uninstall Windows 8 and revert to Windows 7


Windows 8 no never!If you bought a new computer and cannot use it because it has installed Windows 8 and found yourself wishing that you could go back to Windows 7 or another operating system, there’s a way to do this!

How to go back to Windows 7 from Windows 8


If you installed Windows 8 in a dual-boot environment and kept your old operating system around, it’s not too hard – but if you’ve installed Windows 8 over your old operating system, you’ll have to reinstall the old operating system from scratch.

Bear in mind that this process will remove all the files on your Windows 8 partition. if you want to save some of the files, be sure to back them up ahead of time.

Remove Windows 8 From Dual Boot

If you’ve installed Windows 8 in a dual-boot configuration with Windows 7, you’ll need to boot your old version of Windows to remove Windows 8 from your system. If you’re using Windows 8, restart your computer and select your old operating system.


From your old Windows 7 system, press the Windows key, type msconfig, and press Enter. Click the Boot tab, select the Windows 8 boot entry, and click the Delete button. Click OK to save your settings and then click Exit without restart – you don’t need to restart your computer just yet.

This prevents Windows 8 from booting and removes the Choose an operating system screen that appears at boot – you’ll boot directly to your old Windows 7 system. However, Windows 8 is still installed on your hard drive.

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